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Pin-Point Service Plans

Imagine if you could get just the level of support you needed. Our retainer based plans allow you to establish the service level that provides optimal value

Does your company need expert level guidance that surpasses your in-house capabilities?

For example:
  • The introduction of a new technology
  • The selection of a system architecture and implementation plan
  • Design Reviews
  • Problem Resolution

Historically, situations like these have been handled in various ways:
  • Training the in-house staff which can be expensive and time consuming.
  • Having the staff figure it out typically involves a number of dead-ends with a high probability of problems in the end result
  • Keeping an expert on staff for the entire duration of the project is not cost effective
  • Bringing in a new expert when the situation arises is inefficient because of the learning curve

Dynamic Concepts' Pinpoint Technical Service Plan allows companies to effectively address these issues by having an expert assigned to them who will become familiar with the project, development environment, and team capabilities. This expert can then be engaged on an as-required basis to provide either on-site (half day increments) or remote support (hourly increments).

Clients will pay a monthly retainer based on the number of hours they anticipate needing. Actual hours will be deducted from the retainer fee, and billed monthly.

The end result is that your team has access to top level expertise for both prescriptive guidance and problem resolution precisely when they need it most.

Pinpoint Technical Service Plan pricing is based on the number of hours reserved per month.

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Scheduling & Availability
The initial consultation includes 4 hours on-site (8 hours for Deluxe Plan) and a written report (prepared off-site). During this time the current situation and future objectives are analyzed to determine the resources that will be required and the creation of specific goals to be achieved. All initial consultations are performed by Dynamic Concepts' Chief Architect.


On-Site sessions are booked in 4 hour increments for locations up to 20 miles from zip code 10019, and in 8 hours increments for locations up to 50 miles from zip code 10019. Locations outside this radius require a custom plan and will incur additional travel expenses.


Off-Site sessions are booked in 1 hour increments. This option is recommended for items which do not involve access to on-site hardware or interactive communication with management or team members. This results in savings of over 10% as well as typically providing faster response times.

For planned engagements such as design review, it is recommended that hours be reserved at the beginning of the month. This allows the engagements to be established at a fixed date and time.

Ad-hoc reservations are based on availability but are typically filled within 1-3 business days.

Bridge the Gap Continuity Plans

Changes in staffing are always disruptive, and this can be a major problem in many circumstance. Our rapid engagement, short term programs are designed specifically to mitigate these situations providing the time necessary to locate effective long term solutions without having work grind to a halt.

For example:
  • Loss of a Valued Team Member
  • Looking to Expand Team with new skill sets

Historically, situations like these can result in one of two problems:
  • Work slippage while a qualified resource for the long term position is located
  • Hiring a candidate who is "good enough" in order to meet schedule requirements

Dynamic Concepts' Bridge the Gap Programs allows companies to meet pressing requirements without being rushed into selecting a candidate. The end result is that your team remains productive in the short term, and is well staffed for the long run.

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