Who We Are

Simply put, our mission is to help companies
“Become Better at Writing Better Software."

We’ve been around a long time and have seen a lot:
Dynamic Concepts was founded in 1984 just as the "Personal Computer Revolution" was picking up steam. IBM had revolutionized the field with the introduction of their "PC" and "XT" machine, and the "AT" class was being introduced. Major companies were beginning to invest in desktop computers for various applications.

Where we are now:
In August 2014 Dynamic Concepts relocated our corporate offices to St Petersburg, FL and continues to provide software solutions and consulting services to a wide range of clients worldwide.

What’s ahead:
We are in the process of expanding our services to include high quality professional training on Microsoft's Application Lifecycle Management products. Courses will be delivered by highly qualified trainers with real-world experience in a public setting or at individual client locations.

Our Founder:
David V. Corbin has been programming computers since he was 13 years old, starting on a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8 Mini Computer at his middle school. He is a Microsoft AML Ranger and Multiyear Microsoft MVP. He has worked extensively in the defense industry, Medical, Financial, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Insurance and many other lines of business.

For more information on our history please visit our History page.

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